Informative about the Youngtimer Convertible

Every year, classic convertibles experience their heyday in the summer. Today, anyone looking for a vintage convertible such as a Mercedes SL, Porsche G or Pagoda has to accept prices that were unthinkable in the past. Youngtimer convertibles, on the other hand, have a special appeal and can be driven normally in everyday life. Only the bad weather period should be omitted to preserve value. With a Cabrio Youngtimer one can get back the own youth a piece. Unlike many collector's items, a Youngtimer Cabrio does not lie in the showcase, but moves in real life. Even though today's Youngtimer Cabrio can soon get H-approval, they don't feel old. Some Youngtimer Cabrio already have airbags or a comprehensive protection system, which can prevent bad consequences even in the event of a rollover. This makes these Youngtimer convertibles safe classics with which even long journeys to club meetings or events are a lot of fun and do not become an adventure at the wheel. Who buys now cleverly a Youngtimer Cabrio, may be pleased in some years about a good increase in value. Do it like those who bought a Mercedes Pagoda 30 - 40 years ago for a 5-digit amount and today own a classic that is very enthusiastic and will probably never lose value again.

When buying a Youngtimer convertible applies as with any convertible, who wants to drive convertible in the summer, should buy or maintain in the winter. So you will not miss a ray of sunshine with your Youngtimer convertible and also save money. Because the prices are lower than in spring or summer and the search is more relaxed.

watch out when buying a convertible-youngtimer!

On closer inspection, a considerable proportion of the offers turn out to be tinker objects. Notes such as "function could not be tested", "ran fine until deregistration" or "only needs new tires for new MOT according to workshop" should rather be interpreted as warnings and in no case be blindly believed. Of course, a freshly passed MOT is not the highest of quality criteria, but it does at least mean that the vehicle has recently been tested for roadworthiness and can be registered without any problems. Of course, it is important to make sure that the vehicle documents (i.e. EU registration certificate Parts I and II) are complete. Buying a vehicle without complete papers could be problematic in retrospect if a third party were to suddenly claim ownership. Nevertheless, someone who is well informed and looks carefully can still find his youngtimer convertible in the low-price segment. Longer decommissioning periods are now no longer a particular bureaucratic obstacle. Vehicle certificates no longer expire after 18 months and expensive full inspection is no longer necessary. The prerequisite, of course, is that you have the confidence to be able to correctly assess the technical condition. The following areas in particular deserve special attention. Is the clutch loose or sticking? Are the brakes free or sluggish? How old are the tires, are the sidewalls cracked? Are all operating fluids measurable and what do they look like? Does the engine start, can the gears be shifted through? If you can already answer these questions positively, the first condition balance of the found Youngtimer convertible already looks quite positive. Of course, the found Youngtimer Convertible should also give you a good gut feeling. The main thing is that your own Yountimer Convertible makes you a little happier afterwards when polishing and every time you go for a drive.


If you have found the right youngtimer for you, auco offers a selection of accessories for your youngtimer convertible, which is only distributed by us. In the following some information about it.


For roadsters and convertibles, without factory-fitted insulating headliner. In a test of a large German car magazine - depending on the speed - a noise reduction of up to 3db was measured (corresponds to a noise reduction of up to half the hearing level).

AutoBild softop inner cover test

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Some of the Youngtimer Roadster soft tops must be covered with a protective cap when open in accordance with StVZO. This is often somewhat bulky because it is made of hard plastic and therefore takes up a lot of space in the trunk, which is not too big anyway.


If you then want to open the roof in nice weather, the hood protector is usually at the bottom !

So what to do ?

Drive without it ?

This is also bad, because then dust and dirt settles on the inside of the hood and "grinds" on the fabric. This can be expensive.

So better always cover the open top somehow, for example, with a tarpaulin that can be folded and takes up little space in a bag, for example, behind a seat.

AutoBild Report Tarpaulin

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Here you will find some information about youngtimer convertibles, which are still a bit away from the H license plate, but have potential to mature into a classic.

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