softtop inner cover


- Temperature insulation - noise damping - perfect appearance -

Softtop Inner Cover
for roadsters and convertibles, without factory-supplied insulating headliner

In a test of a large German car magazine was measured - depending on the speed - a noise reduction of up to 3db (corresponds to a noise reduction up to half the hearing level)

AutoBild softop inner cover test

Roadster with unlined soft top - and with inner soft top

The inner top © has been designed so that it can be installed by yourself within a few hours. The soft top mechanism is not hindered, the inner soft top © can remain permanently mounted

The fabric for the interior soft top is an insensitive, foam-backed and slightly elastic special velour - which is offered in 5 colors - making the interior bright and friendly.

Each interior soft top is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted in Germany.

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