AWS Rain Sensor


Rain sensor AWS for retrofitting
The AWS retrofit rain sensor takes over the switching on and off of the wiper forever.

AWS sensor & control unit
The AWS rain sensor controls the windscreen wiper fully automatically, from the most ideal interval to the first stage of continuous wiping. It reacts reliably and safely and, above all, much faster than you do. Driving becomes more relaxed and above all safer, because you can concentrate fully on the traffic situation. With the AWS rain sensor, your windscreen wiper works completely independently and no longer needs assistance.

The optical system reacts very quickly to rain, fog and drizzle and also works perfectly in all possible disturbing influences. Sunprotect or Solextra windows as well as window antennas or window heaters are no obstacle for the rain sensor AWS.

Irregular rain showers from above, sudden showers when overtaking or from oncoming traffic, swirling spray water from the vehicle in front - these problems are simply wiped away with the rain sensor AWS. Even the squeaking dry wiping is now a thing of the past.

Treat yourself to this comfortable system and drive a much more relaxed car in the future. Retrofit the rain sensor AWS in your vehicle and enjoy a clear view and a clear perspective at all times.

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rain sensor version 1 - AWS 12


Version 1 only affects AWS 12 relays.

Never plug the AWS 16 relay into the socket provided in the vehicle. Always install the AWS 16 using the adaptation cable (with relay socket). Do not connect the "T" connector to Wisch-Wasch. Failure to do so may result in destruction of the on-board electronics or the AWS relay.
from 149,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
rain sensor version 2 - AWS 16

The AWS relay is not mechanically and/or electrically identical to the interval relay installed in the vehicle
The cable connections from the relay base must be connected to the corresponding cables from the wiring harness. The AWS relay is installed in addition to the original. 

from 159,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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