Standard mounting Comfort armrests


Comfort Armrest System®

In a car without a factory-fitted armrest can be installed Comfort armrests with standard adjustments. You can choose between the different Comfort armrests depending on what suits your vehicle. All Comfort Armrests in the Comfort Armrest System® offer increased comfort and ergonomics. Installation is simple and you do not need to be an expert to do it yourself. No special tools are required and the installation itself takes between 15 and 60 minutes. Detailed installation instructions are included with the purchase of a Comfort Armrest.

1. open the seat cover

2. fasten the adapter with screws

3. cut a hole for the adapter

4. mount the sleeve

5. fasten and lock the armrest.

Some advantages of the Comfort Armrest System®:

* Ergonomic relief for driver and front passenger

* high load capacity

* adjustable and foldable

* installation instructions included

* quick installation (15-60 min)