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Car covers for use INSIDE and OUTSIDE generally differ in workmanship and choice of materials. In the interior, cotton or soft synthetic fibers can be used. Cotton must be well impregnated, synthetic fibers are very supple and lint-free, which is advantageous for fabric roofs. Protective covers for INSIDE should be moisture "repellent", for OUTSIDE they are available water-repellent and water "tight". New are breathable special fibers, which are waterproof in normal weather conditions, tight and still allow air circulation. 100% waterproof are only special films with welded seams, but then they should have ventilation flaps to keep the interior dry. These protective covers can withstand extreme weather and standing water in heavy-duty versions. A soft inner layer is important for paint protection.

CAR PROTECTION COVERS recommended by auco auto-comfortempfohlen von auco auto-comfort


AULUX is a tailored cover made of stretch satin. It has a slightly shiny effect on the outside and is super soft on the inside. The cover is also anti-static (dust repellent) and breathable. It is machine washable at 30°C. With a choice of no less than twelve colors: black, gray, light gray, white, bordeaux, red, orange, yellow, green, dark green, dark blue and blue. Optionally, the seams of the cover can be provided with a so-called "piping" in contrasting color.


The material is stretch satin. It is super soft and elastic, so the cover fits your car well. Furthermore, the material is breathable and dust and dirt repellent (anti-static). The cover is washable at 30°C, do not iron. It is available in five different colors: black, gray, red, green, blue. The SW variant is suitable a stretch fit for station wagon (Estate, Touring, Avant) and the SUV variants is a stretch fit for SUV, Jeep, etc..


AUSUN is a customized car cover. The material is PU coated mesh. The cover is 100% waterproof and the seams are thermo sealed. The silky soft inside prevents scratches in the paint of your car. The color selection includes six colors: dark green, red, pearl, gray, dark blue and black. Another practical help to securely attach the car cover to your car in strong winds or storms are two storm straps available in the accessories.


The material is a PU coated mesh with a paint friendly lining. The hem of the car cover has sturdy elastic so that it always sits neatly around the car. The cover can be secured under the car with an adjustable strap. Both sides of the cover have a vent to prevent condensation as much as possible. The color is dark gray and it is available in five different sizes. The SW variant is suitable a fit for station wagon (Estate, Touring, Avant) and the SUV variants is a fit for SUV, Jeep, etc..


The material is polyester with anti-freeze film. It keeps the windshield, mirrors and wipers free from snow and ice. Easy to attach by magnets. It stays in place even in strong winds thanks to storm straps. With tabs that serve as an anti-theft device. The size is universal and it fits almost all cars.


Basically, protective covers - regardless of the material - should only be used on dry and clean vehicles, paint and care products should be cured. Due to sunlight, the temperature under the cover can rise high, which can cause bubbles if the car paint is not fully cured. Despite the possibility of ventilation, moisture can get under the cover through many ways. Every car has fluids such as coolant, windshield wiper fluid, battery fluid that can evaporate or when it rains a lot and/or is very humid. Therefore, we recommend, should you use an outdoor car cover for several days in a row, remove the cover from the car once or twice a week to air and dry if necessary. Elastic straps and, if necessary, additional storm straps keep the protective covers firmly attached to the car, even in windy conditions. Our protective covers for the interior are breathable (prevents condensation) and anti-static (dust repellent). The silky soft inside serves as paint protection.


Try to avoid beading of rainwater on the cover as much as possible. After a heavy rain, check the cover for possible beading of rainwater and remove it.

  Cleaning the cover:br> - Brush off loose dirt with a soft brush.
- Rinse cover tarps with tap water only.
- Do not use soap or similar. This will damage the water impermeability.

Remove stains:
- Bird droppings: if possible, rinse with water and brush off the (dry) residue with a soft brush
- Carefully remove resin drops with a spoon, let the remains dry and carefully grind them between your fingers.

To maintain the optimal condition of your protective tarpaulin, it is necessary that it is stored clean and absolutely dry in a dry room.

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