Vehicle preparation / Smart Repair

Smart Repair

Vehicle preparation / Smart Repair

During the car wash the car is cleaned gently and professionally. But also smaller defects and damages of the vehicle should be removed.
With the vehicle preparation, techniques such as cleaning, minor repairs to the vehicle, the removal of odors and corrections of sheet metal, paint or plastic surfaces, the vehicle is returned optically and hygienically to its original condition. 
However, the degree of soiling and the extent of the damage is decisive in determining whether you should have your vehicle prepared yourself or by a professional. 

For the do-it-yourself version, we at auco recommend the products from QUIXX. 

The slogan Repair it. Yourself! is QUIXX's program: repairing has never been so easy!

QUIXX has been in business for 25 years with innovative do-it-yourself repair products. With unique know-how in the repair and protection of all surfaces of cars, motorcycles, boats, bicycles or motor homes, QUIXX offers you products in professional quality. In no time at all, you can carry out the repair yourself and achieve the best results: From scratches or scrapes in paint, acrylic or metal surfaces, to damage such as dents or stone chips on the vehicle, QUIXX has the right products in its range.

Even for yellowed headlights, faded tires or weathered plastic surfaces, QUIXX has easy-to-use sets ready to help you give your vehicle a fresh look again in no time at all.


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