Acrylic glass wind deflector from auco for CONVERTIBLE - ROADSTER - CLASSIC CARS

Our acrylic glass wind deflectors are characterized by their construction made of acrylic safety glass with ABG. The special feature of our Auco wind deflector is that the rear bench or rear seats can remain free, as they do not require the usual horizontal, fixed cover. Each Auco wind deflector is individually designed for each vehicle type, but is extremely variable in its function.

Depending on preference, the wind deflector is fitted using specially developed brackets for attachment to the headrests, seat backrests or interior trim. Most holders can be clamped, making them easy to fit without damaging the vehicle. This feature makes them particularly ideal for classic cars.

The Auco wind deflector is easy to attach and remove with one hand. It can also be adjusted in height and angle to suit individual preferences. To prevent unpleasant turbulence in the airflow between the seats, an additional tarpaulin made of high-quality artificial leather, or optionally leather, is attached to the lower edge of the wind deflector. This protective tarpaulin can be stretched vertically downwards behind the seats as a partition or horizontally to the rear.

The simple installation of the tarpaulin makes loading behind the front seats considerably easier. For example, four-legged friends can now travel along protected from the wind. By opening a zipper, only one seat can remain free, which underlines the versatility of Auco's acrylic glass wind deflector. With these features, Auco combines safety, flexibility and comfort to optimize the open driving experience.

Our high-quality acrylic safety glass with ABG offers numerous advantages:

Weight reduction:
Acrylic glass is lighter than conventional glass, resulting in a significant reduction in vehicle weight. This weight reduction can have a positive impact on driving performance and fuel consumption, which is particularly important for improved vehicle efficiency and performance.

Resistance to breakage:
In the case of an accident, an acrylic glass wind deflector can react differently. The reaction depends on the type of accident, the severity of the collision and other factors. Nevertheless, acrylic glass is more resistant to breakage and cracking compared to conventional glass. This increased resistance to breakage helps to improve occupant safety by acting as a barrier against flying objects and potentially helping to reduce injuries.

Flexibility and design possibilities:
The malleability of acrylic glass enables the production of wind deflectors with different shapes and designs. This opens up possibilities for individual design and the integration of adjustable functions to suit drivers' personal preferences.

Acrylic glass is known for its high transparency, which ensures a clear view of the surroundings. This transparency is particularly important for wind deflectors to allow an unrestricted view while driving.

Weather resistance:
Acrylic glass is resistant to various weather influences, including UV rays and moisture. As a result, the wind deflector retains a clear view and its aesthetic properties under various weather conditions.

Easy to clean:
Acrylic wind deflectors are easy to clean and generally require less maintenance compared to glass. This feature makes maintenance easier and ensures that the wind deflector retains its clear and aesthetic condition.

Temperature resistance:
Acrylic glass retains its properties at different temperatures, which is particularly important as convertible wind deflectors are exposed to different climatic conditions. This ensures long-term functionality and aesthetics of the wind deflector.

•  made of acrylic safety glass
•  almost invisible
•  easy to put on and take off
•  Clamp holder
•  special constructions           


Airstream and air turbulence

In a convertible, the airstream plays a key role in the driving experience. When the vehicle is in motion, an airflow is created that can be both pleasant and challenging. The airstream can cause air turbulence inside the convertible, particularly around the head and shoulders of the occupants. This air turbulence can vary in intensity depending on driving speed and vehicle configuration.

A wind deflector is a practical addition for convertibles that serves to interrupt the airstream and reduce air turbulence. By installing the wind deflector behind the front seats, it deflects the airstream and directs a greater proportion of it past the vehicle interior. This significantly reduces the airflow in the car, resulting in a more comfortable driving experience.

There are various types of wind deflectors, which can differ in terms of materials, shapes and installation options. Some wind deflectors are made of acrylic glass and can be transparent, allowing a clear view, while others can be made of opaque materials. The choice of wind deflector depends on the driver's personal preference, the type of vehicle and other individual factors.

In summary, the wind is an essential part of the convertible driving experience, but it can be disruptive due to air turbulence in the interior. A wind deflector can help to reduce this turbulence and improve driving comfort by deflecting the airflow and directing it past the vehicle interior.