For the company's 50th anniversary, Honda gave itself the S2000 and with it a sports car that set new standards. "The Power of Dreams" was what Honda's brochure said, and for Honda that meant pushing the envelope - or even setting new limits. With the development of the S2000, this was undoubtedly achieved. With its high-revving 240-hp naturally aspirated engine, which completely blew the minds of the experts at its debut and was awarded the "Engine Of The Year" trophy five times in a row, the roadster now enjoys cult status. The combination of years of racing experience and award-winning design has resulted in a dream roadster that never seems to get old or cheap. Top vehicles are already approaching the new price level of 2000, and it was not without reason that it was voted Convertible of the Year 2000 in ten countries. Of a total of 110,000 units built, 65,000 went to the USA. In Germany it was sold only 4454 times. The Honda S2000 Roadster is still a driving machine without a net or double bottom, which also became a legend through several appearances in the films of the "Fast and Furious" series. It conveys a feeling of casual elegance. And it offers the ambitious driver a refined, powerful driving experience at the highest level.

Body check when buying the youngtimer convertible Honda s2000 Roadster


Elite mechanics assembled the Honda S2000 Roadster by hand. Each part was looked at by the mechanic before assembly, reworked if necessary or even polished until it was a perfect fit. As a result, the Honda S2000 Roadster enjoys exceptionally high quality. On the body, accident damage is really the only problem area; rust is not an issue anywhere. The painted underbody, fender edges or sill end tips are well protected and rarely corroded. Closures on the sills give clues as to whether the car has ever been resealed, which is a good idea if it hasn't already been done. Accident damage is most likely to be seen in improper gaps and missing e plastic parts or factory decals in the front of the engine compartment. The soft tops may have scuffed areas on the soft top fabric over the clamping brackets and the first series plastic rear window may yellow. Particular attention should also be paid to the wide xenon headlights. If they are scratched, dull or broken, the entire unit has to be replaced, which can cost a lot of money. Attention should also be paid to kinks at the predetermined breaking edges in the lightweight aluminum engine hood. These occur when the hood is pressed too hard against the resistance of the hood dampers.


Inspired by motorsport, Honda has designed the interior of the car as if for a racing driver. As a driver, you slide easily sucking into the low-installed seat, between the center tunnel and door sill of the Honda S2000 Roadster. Here, despite the premium leather upholstery, you may experience scuffed seat bolsters. The interior design provides the feeling of being one with the vehicle, giving maximum control with few problems. All knobs, handles and control buttons are immediately and effortlessly accessible, each just a fingertip away from the other. Even the pedals are special racing pedals made of aluminum and hard rubber that can be controlled with just a light tap. Other elegant aluminum elements lend the interior a stylish ambience. The stereo system has been mounted particularly securely and discreetly behind a protective panel. As standard, the Honda S2000 Roadster is equipped with integrated speakers in the roll bars and you can enjoy optimum sound quality even when the car is open.


The Honda S2000 Roadster is perfectly tuned ex works, the mixture of comfort and roadholding is perfect. Should you nevertheless encounter lowered examples, be sure to check whether the suspension and/or wheel combinations are registered in the papers and look for possible bumps in the front area. The first models were still equipped with a mechanical limited slip differential, which was replaced in 2006 by an electronic stability control ESP. The double wishbones front and rear are durable and of solid quality. Knocked-out bushings can happen, but are inexpensive to replace.


An extremely compact, longitudinally mounted DOHC two-liter four-cylinder that can and may rev up to 9000 rpm, mobilizing 240 hp already at 8300 rpm without turbocharging or compressor, needs OIL. It is a high performance engine that can consume between ½ to 1 liter of OIL per 1000 - 5000Km. This should not be a concern, it is just important to keep an eye on the oil level. If this has not been done and the red lamp has lit up while driving, the expensive molybdenum track is already gone. This can be recognized by quiet rattling noises at idle, which can be heard even more clearly under load. If this is the case, caution is called for, followed by a loss of power and finally the piston skid. Then it becomes expensive. In the case of the Honda S2000 engine, bushings made of molybdenum steel were shrunk into the aluminum block in a complex manufacturing process. Their special honing pattern guarantees a life-saving oil buffer between the piston ring and the cylinder wall. For this reason, the complete cylinder block including pistons and rings would have to be replaced. Drilling and honing is not possible, but this can only be prevented by consistent oil level control and an annual oil change. In addition, the valve clearance should be checked every 80,000 km.

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