Wind deflector function


Glass wind deflectors from auco are made of acrylic safety glass with ABG. With auco wind deflectors, the rear bench or rear seats can remain free because they do not require the usual horizontal, fixed cover. Although auco wind deflectors are designed individually for each type of vehicle, their function is highly variable. The wind deflectors can be installed using specially developed brackets for mounting on the headrests, seat backrests or on the interior trim. Most of the holders can be clamped and thus installed without damaging the vehicle - ideal also for classic cars. The wind deflectors can be attached and removed with one hand and are adjustable in height and inclination. In order to prevent the downward airflow from the wind deflector from causing unpleasant turbulence between the seats, an additional tarpaulin made of high-quality imitation leather, optionally leather, is attached to the lower edge of the wind deflector. This protective tarpaulin can be stretched individually, i.e. either vertically downwards behind the seats as a partition - or horizontally to the rear. The easy to install tarpaulin makes loading behind the front seats much easier and, for example, four-legged friends can also travel along protected from the wind. Thereby, by opening a zipper also only one seat can remain free

THE WINDSHIELD SUPPLEMENT has approximately the width of the wind deflector so that no airflow can flow forward between the seats and is preferably stretched down behind the seats. Zippers are incorporated for the center tunnel. Tensioning rubber bands are hooked under the seats or on the floor carpet. The flexible gooseneck attachments on the seat can compensate for seat adjustments, and the seats can be folded forward even though the wind deflector is fitted.

THE SPECIAL ADDITIONAL TARP is wider (approx. width of the vehicle interior) and longer, making it suitable for both downward and rearward bracing to cover the back seat or rear seats. The tarp has sewn-in aluminum profiles to fit the interior. It is fastened with hook or toggle straps. By opening the zippers, the tarp can optionally cover the rear seats only partially. Additional tarpaulins are made of black imitation leather, optionally colored imitation leather can be used or, for example, for classic cars made of genuine leather.

Example 1 for convertibles and roadsters : wind deflector with clamps for the headrest rods and additional tarpaulin stretched downwards - attached under the seat or to the carpet

Example 2 for Roadster and 2+2- seater : Wind deflector with clamps for the seat shell. Additional tarpaulin stretched over the backrest of the rear seat

Example 3 for convertibles and roadsters : wind deflector with screw holders for the interior trim. Special additional tarpaulin stretched to the rear, attached to rear seat, / trim / armrest.

Example 4 for classic car : wind deflector with clamps for the interior trim with additional tarpaulin in the original finish





1 auco acrylic wind deflector with the large special additional tarpaulin behind the front seats.
2 wind deflector with additional tarpaulin stretched over the rear seats
3 zipper for rear seat loading open on one side
4 auco wind deflector with passage, free rear loading even with wind deflector fitted

Wind deflector, holder and parts therefor are patented by auco auto-comfort GmbH. auco wind deflectors are not subject to registration according to StVZO. ©auco auto-comfort GmbH - 09.2016