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WIND DEFLECTOR for Driver and Codriver - highly transparently - made of glass

Absolute windlessness in an open roadster or convertible is not possible - while driving. A mild breeze is quite pleasant in the summer, but a draught on the neck and joints can be stressful in the long term. The only thing that helps is a wind deflector as a preventive measure and to start or extend the open-top driving season earlier.

The effect of a wind deflector is not the same for all vehicles, depending on their design. The shape and length of the vehicle, the position of the windshield, the size of the side windows and the shape of the exterior mirrors allow the wind to flow and swirl around the vehicle body in very different ways. With some vehicles a wind deflector therefore brings almost no wind, with others noticeably less. A wind deflector helps to protect the head, neck, kidneys and joints from strong drafts.

Glass wind deflectors from auco are made of acrylic safety glass with ABG. With an auco wind deflector, the back seat or rear seats can remain free because they do not need the commonly used horizontal, fixed cover. A wind deflector from auco are designed individually for each vehicle type, but are very variable in terms of function. The wind deflector can be installed using specially developed brackets for mounting on the headrests, seat backrests or on the interior trim. Most of the holders can be clamped and thus installed without damaging the vehicle - ideal for classic cars as well. The wind deflector can be put on and taken off with one hand and is adjustable in height and inclination. To ensure that the airflow deflected downwards by the wind deflector does not cause unpleasant turbulence between the seats, an additional tarpaulin made of high-quality imitation leather, optionally leather, is attached to the lower edge of the wind deflector. This protective tarpaulin can be stretched individually, i.e. either vertically downwards behind the seats as a partition - or horizontally to the rear. The easy to install tarpaulin makes loading behind the front seats much easier and, for example, four-legged friends can also travel along protected from the wind. By opening a zipper only one seat can remain free.

auco wind deflector made of lightweight ACRYLIC SAFETY GLASS
•  with ABG
•  almost invisible - for unobstructed view
•  and the rear seats remain free ...

Do you drive a special car ? 
Do you drive an individual conversion ?
Do you drive a classic car, where the wind deflector should not be conspicuous and the vehicle should not be damaged or drilled ?

Please ask for an individual wind deflector for YOUR vehicle.


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