BMW Z1, Z3

The retrofittable interior soft top BMW Z1 Roadster - BMW Z3 Roadster - BMW E30 Convertible. 

A colored velour headliner for optics, noise reduction and temperature insulation. An individual custom made by auco to fit your BMW Z1 Roadster - BMW Z3 Roadster or BMW E30 Convertible.

With the futuristically styled BMW Z1 Roadster, BMW unveiled the first member of the Z family at the 1987 IAA. Between early 1989 and mid-1991, exactly 8000 Z1s were built in a limited series.

In 1995, the first BMW Z3 Roadster rolled off the production line. The coupé followed in 1998. The Z3 Roadster was developed especially for the plant in the USA. So you could see the BMW Z3 Roadster in the James Bond movie "GoldenEye".

There is no more beautiful 3 Series than the BMW E30 Convertible. The BMW E30 Convertible, has room for four, drives sporty and reliable. Its nostalgic charm wins the BMW E30 convertible through its cool 80s style. 


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